Monday, December 28, 2009

Stupid real world stunt idea = brilliant videogame idea

Flying as far as you can while buying upgrades to get even further, just to earn money that you can spend on even more upgrades to...
-I guess at this point you get the idea- is a very popular core game mechanics in flash games.
Shopping Cart Hero 2 is exactly this kind of game, with some new features in comparison to its first part, ranging from surprisingly funny to absolutely unreal.

Gameplay of Shopping Cart Hero 2

In the beginning you don't have too much to do- roll down a hill using the arrow keys and some
timing, maybe do a few simple tricks in the air and roll as far as you can. But after you gained some money and invested it in new items for your cart everything becomes a little more exciting. While buying better wheels for your cart, or even putting rockets on its side increases the maximum height and distance you can reach, strange objects like a baseball bat, a sombrero,
or a dumpster instead of your normal cart enable certain tricks or give you special attributes
that help you in many different (and often absurd) ways.

The controls are easy in the beginning, but become more and more complicated once you have bought some new stunts and items to use. Different combinations trigger tricks like a mid-air handstand, wheelies, or, if you have the required things, you can even try hanggliding or diving into an underground cave with your dumpster.

New features in Shopping Cart Hero 2

While Shopping Cart Hero was only slightly longer than an average coffebreak game, Shopping Cart Hero 2 is packed full of extras that make it a lot longer. First of all, there are a whole lot more upgrades besides the normal wheels, rockets and a few tricks, I have already mentioned some of the craziest things you can buy in the previous section.
Another novelty in the game are the boss fights. There are two enemies you have to beat using different carts and other helpful objects, both attacking in a different way. While the giant earthworm uses bombs that you have to hit back in order to beat him, and makes his cave bumpy to make you fall, the second boss, the monkey throws bananas at you out of his gorilla hot-air balloon and during the fight against him you also have to avoid bombs placed on the clouds (you can also hit them with your bat just like the bananas).
There are 2 new types of carts, a dumpster and a golden one. You need these to start the bossfights. Notice that you will need the "dumpster dive" stunt too in order to fight the worm, and you can only fight against the monkey after you purchased the hang glider for the golden cart.

Further info

List of upgrades:
-Round Wheels -> Rubber Wheels -> Racing Wheels
-Rockets -> Rockets #2 -> Rockets #3 -> Rockets #4 (requires Dumpster)
-Groupie -> Two Groupies -> Full Harem
-Football Helmet
-Propeller Beanie Hat
-Baseball Bat
-Solid Gold Cart

-Up-N-Out Flip
-Handstand Wheelie
-Pole Vault (requires Baseball Bat)
-Dumpster Dive (requires Dumpster and Baseball Bat)
-Hang Glider (requires Solid Gold Cart and Baseball Bat)

*Hint* When on the ground use the baseball bat to hit coconuts and plants, you get rewards for coconut juggles and there's some money hidden in the grass.


Shopping Cart Hero 2 is a lot longer lasting game than the previous SCH, and with a bunch of new available things in the shop also a lot more fun. Boss fights and some new tricks were added, giving the game a bigger variety of gameplay elements and the graphics are also slightly improved. Only bad thing I have to mention is that you need some patience in the beginning, before being able to earn enough money for bigger upgrades, but once that phase is over Shopping Cart Hero 2 is simply addicting.

Japanese gameshow as flash game

Have you ever wanted to put on hilarious safety suits, run through mud and all kinds of humiliating obstacles, just to press a red button on time? No? Doesn't surprise me at all, but luckily, you don't have to, thanks to the new flash game Ching Chong Beautiful.
It's basically an interactive parody of those crazy japanese gameshows where the contestants have to make it through an even crazier obstacle course, while their time is running out, which is easier said than done. You'll most probably fall on your face a couple of times before collecting all fishhead-boxes and reaching the goal, but that's not all, every time you fall you'll hear the crowd laughing about you, or, in case you avoid being hit, they let you know how much they wanted to see you stumble over that rock with a loud "aawww...".

Story of Ching Chong Beautiful

Just like you'd expect from a game of this kind, the story isn't too relevant. All you have to know is that you enter this gameshow because bad people have kidnapped your brother and want a special kind of championship horse. Which, all by coincidence, happens to be the prize for the winner of the show.

Gameplay of Ching Chong Beautiful

The controls are simple, you use the arrow keys to move, S to jump and A to run, but there are some more complicated actions like wallruns or slides.
You can choose between three difficulties, though the hardest isn't recommended for anyone. At all. The game can be really frustrating, even on lower difficulties, simply because one mistake can cost you so much time that you have to start again. This happened to me frequently on levels where you can fall really deep and have to climb back to continue.
On the other hand, seeing your character's clumsy moves and how he crashes into walls is
sometimes actually funny, and hearing him scream with his high-pitched voice is just hilarious.
Enjoying your own character's mistakes is very rare in games thats objective is getting to the end of the level as fast as possible.
If I had to pick one thing in Ching Chong Beautiful that I liked the most, it would be its humor. It has a wonderfully weird atmosphere, combined with a protagonist that's the exact opposite of the usual cool-guy with big muscles. However, some might find certain things in the game offensive (or simply annoying) that was ment to be a joke.

Further info

-There are no real upgrades, but you can unlock different helmets and scarfs that you'll find in the trophies section.
-There are 6 areas, each containing 6 levels, except for the last one which consists of only one big tower.
-When almost falling down an edge press the other direction repeatedly to regain your balance.


Ching Chong Beautiful is a game not everyone will like, but I recommend everyone to try it and not to give up after the first level, because once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun, while
it stays challenging and diverse until the end.

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